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Why Is My Ac Blowing Hot Air? A Reliable Air Conditioner Tech Explains

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What To Do When Your AC Is Running, But Not Cooling

We recommend to call Reliable Air Conditioner Repair service right away to avoid major damage and to keep repair cost low. Please select your city and zip and the local repairman will show up same day to fix your issue.

If the outside air conditioner blowing cold air what could be the problem?

In case of your air conditioner isn't blowing cold air, we might concentrate on two issues - air filter and fan motor. If we'll find them okay, issue with the thermostat or temperature management unit control box.

Common problems – dirt, coil is clogged or frozen, leaks, compressor fail just to name a few. Always set thermostat setting to be a minimum of 5 degrees less than room temperature; in any other case the air conditioner won’t detect a difference between the temperature you set and actual temperature. Last thing you need is to walk into your home and uncover that your central air conditioning is no longer blowing cold air on a sizzling California day. It might be a good time to bring in knowledgeable HVAC professional for troubleshooting on the subject of what to do when your air conditioner is working however not cooling.

In a good working air conditioner unit, a fan should blow outside air through evaporator coils and then be re-circulated back into the house.

From a basic issues such a thermostat set incorrectly or a unclean filter...to a extra complicated scenario that requires changing parts...there are all kinds of the reason why you might discover your air conditioner operating, however not reducing the temperature in the home.

AC Repair, Air Conditioning HVAC Repair Services